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When it comes to security guard supplies, you should consider Capital Security Academy for all of your security needs. We do not only offer great training to candidates who think they will fit in great in the security officer field. No, we also offer supplies to them when they are ready to take on the field work that they will eventually refer to as a career.

If you live in the Miami area of Florida or in any of the surrounding regions, then give us a call today to see what kind of supplies we have. You will be amazed at what we can offer you at low, affordable prices. Take your training to the next level with the stuff we have in our inventory. When you do so, will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Every single security guard who takes their job seriously should be ready for whatever comes their way. While the proper training is incredibly important, having the proper security guard supplies will be just as crucial. While baton training classes will teach you how to use the baton, you also want to be sure that you are fully stocked on any defensive weapons you may need. No matter what your needs are when it comes to security weapons, Capital Security Academy will be able to provide you with the latest and greatest tools so that you can thrive in your future profession.

When it comes to being prepared, you cannot go wrong with Capital Security Academy. We will ensure that you are ready to take on any situation out in the field. With the right combination of strategy and supplies, your training will take you incredibly far in the field of security guard services. We welcome you to come by and see what we can offer you today!



Flags Patch


Pepper Gel Spry




Metal badge Large


ENFORCEMENT (Gold and Silver)

Metal badge Large


SECURITY (Gold and Silver)

Metal badge small


Gold and Silver

Handcuffs Case


Key Holder






Badge Holder Leather


Magazine Holder




Reflective Security Vest




Universal Gun Holster


Cross Tie


Hooded Waterproof Coat


Duty Belt


Rechargeable Flashlight



Uniforms From Capital Security Academy

Whatever kind of supplies you need to perform your security guard duties, Capital Security Academy will be able to provide you with the best and most durable products. Whatever you may need, you can rest easy knowing that they will always be available from Capital Security Academy. Here at Capital Security Academy, we understand that you need the best supplies in order to perform your duties in the best way possible. Well, we have everything that you may require. With all the best products available right now, including everything you might need like security guard uniforms, you will never be at a loss for place to find the stuff that you need most!

If you are located in the Miami area of Florida or you are in any of the surrounding regions such as Hialeah or Homestead, then you are within a stone's throw of our site. Feel free to come on by and see what we can offer you. Whatever it may be, we are sure that we can get our hands on it!

While supplies are important, basic training will be the thing that makes or breaks your career. You do not want to show up for your first day of work and easily be bested just because you did not have the proper firearms training or the proper tactical training. No, instead of worrying about what could happen, simply come prepared. When you are looking for the best security classes in the area, you will do no better than Capital Security Academy. We have the best and brightest security professionals training our students and we can guarantee that when you work with us you will be getting the best training that money can buy. With such low prices and great training, you will be amazed at what kind of doors will open when you are done with training.